Welcome To Chemvikas Engineering Pvt. Ltd - An Emerging Name in the Field of Maintainence , Treatment and Cleaning Chemicals.


Since its inception in 2002, Chemvikas has made a steady progress through extensive research and development before it began to manufacture and market an innovative and specialized range of Air-Conditioning Cleaning and Water Treatment Chemicals. 

Formed primarily to produce cleaning and care products for the Air Conditioning, the company has been a resounding success branding into new fields such as Industrial cleaning , Automotive Products etc. The Company has it's own Lab for formulating new products, working closely with our Customers so that we can produce unique chemical solutions to our Customers cleaning problems. All products are manufactured on site, to specific formula with stringent quality control procedures. So we can guarantee that the products you order will be the same quality and performance every time. Our business philosophy is simple in that we will only distribute the highest quality products and we always strive to provide an unequalled level of after sales service.

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