CV-ALGAECIDE is a concentrated water treatment product that inhibits and control algae and slime formation in cooling tower systems. CV-Algaecide keep water cooling towers clear and free of visible algae slime. Designed specifically for cooling towers, it works best when added once a week.

Product Benefits


  • CV-Algaecide is specially formulated to prevent algae and microorganism growth.

  • It is a halogen based microbiocide to control algae, fungi and microbes in industrial cooling system.

  • In a low concentration and on higher pH range and even at a high temperature it effectively control the microbiological growth.

  • It is non-corrosive and does not effect any range of metal.

  • It is specially effective on selleginella species of algae. It also control the SRB and Nitrite reducing bacteria which acts as a nutrients to algae.

  • It penetrants gives a special cleaning effect on the fouled surface.

  • Being of non-corrosive nature it can be used in any type of equipment.



Usage Procedure :

Add CV-Algaecide 1% of total hold-up water in cooilng tower once a week.


Caution :

  • Harmful if swallowed.

  • Avoid prolonged contact with sensitive skin.

  • Wear googles and rubber gloves during application.


First Aid :

*  Internal    :   Avoid breathing vapour. Consult a physician if problem   persist.

* Eyes          :    Flush with plenty of water. Prompt medical attention is essential.

* External    :    Wash thoroughly with water.

Note :  This Treatment is ONLINE and not OFFLINE


CV-Algaecide  kills algae but it does not remove it. Tower will still need to be flushed and refilled periodically.