CV-ANTISCALANT is new generation blend of antiscalants designed to provide excellent control over scale and other minerals foulants in industrial evaporative cooling systems.

It is especially designed for treatment of high hardness waters. CV-Antiscalant incorporates a synergistic combination of dispersants to achive complete deposit and fouling control thereby preventing scale formation and deposition of calcium and magnesium salts of carbonates, sulfates, phosphates and silicates. Continous dosage of this product in cooling water will maintain clean and scale-free heat transfer surfaces. It also contains corrosion inhibitor to prevent corrosion in the system.

Product Benefits :

  • CV-Antiscalant is specially formulated to disperse the hard salt in soluble condition in circulating water, thus less precipitation into hard scale of carbonate , calcium sulphate, calcium phosphate , magnesium silicate and iron oxide.

  • CV-Antiscalant is designed to increase the solubility of calcium and magnesium salt and ensure to operate the system at higher COC with minimum bleed off.

  • CV-Antiscalant is capable to remove existing fouling and scaling.

  • Superior corrosion inhibitor under wide range of pH and alkalinity fluctuation.

  • Formulated as per the water papameters.