CV-BIOCIDE is particularly helpful in controlling and reducing the growth of water bottom microbes. It works as an Algaecidal , Fungicidal, Bactericidal, destroy legionella , Sulphate-reducing bacteria, destroys biofilms and also protozoa. It also prevents bio-corrosion and removes biomass.



Product Benefits :


  • CV-Biocide is specially formulated to prevent undesired microorganism.

  • Effectively controls algae , bacteria and slime forming organisms.

  • It can work under wide range of pH  and is effectiveat higher temperature application also.

  • It is highly effective over a wide range of microbial species. It also control the growth of sulphur reducing bacteria i.e. Desulphovibrio desulphuricans & NRB.

  • These bacteria grow in the absence of oxygen usually found where is in a stagnant state in spray ponds and swimming pools.

  • It penetrants gives a special cleaning effect on the fouled surface.

  • Being of non-corrosive nature it can be used in any type of equipment.



Usage Procedure :

Add CV-Biocide 1% of total hold-up water in cooilng tower once a week.


Caution :


  • Harmful if swallowed.

  • Avoid prolonged contact with sensitive skin.

  • Wear googles and rubber gloves during application.


First Aid :


*  Internal    :   Avoid breathing vapour. Consult a physician if problem persist.

* Eyes          :    Flush with plenty of water. Prompt medical attention is essential.

* External    :    Wash thoroughly with water.

Note :  This Treatment is ONLINE and not OFFLINE


CV-Algaecide kills algae but it does not remove it. Tower will still need to be flushed and refilled periodically.

Use CV- Algaecide & CV- Biocide alternatively once a week ( For e.g. If you start with Algaecide use Biocide next week and so on. )

Frequency of addition of Algaecide depends upon severity of biological growth, a higher shock dose is recommended followed by regular normal dose specially after SUNSET for desire result.