In hard water areas, the use of water in heating and cooling systems invariably results in a build up of limescale (hard water) deposits within the system, usually in the highest temperature zones.

The resultant scale not only restricts water flow, but acts a very effective insulation, reducing heat transfer efficiency, and increasing running costs. Heavy scale deposits can also lead to localized overheating of heat transfer surfaces, resulting in premature failure of heating appliances.

In all areas, rust and corrosion may take place in heating and cooling systems, leading to a build up of corrosion deposits, and a reduction in efficiency.




ScaleB-30 is a powerful & economic liquid for use in cleaning heavily scaled equipment, where speed and high solvency are critical. Rapidly dissolves limescale and rust. Contains wetting agents to penetrate heavy deposits. Safe to use with steel cast iron, copper, brass and most plastics. Scale B-30 formulated form a blend of acid, corrosion inhibitors designed to quickly remove calcium carbonate/ magnesium scale (limescale) from cooling tower surfaces. Scale B-30 contains corrosion inhibitors specifically designed to prevent acid attack on steel, iron, metal such as copper etc., which are commonly used in the today’s Cooling Towers.


Highly effective and absolutely safe product, react only with scale
build-up an does not react with metal at  all. Inhibiting effect  
remain stable even at  high temperature i.e. 70 to 80 degree celcius

Remove rust deposits and prevent re- rusting.

Dissolves film of oil or grease  present in the deposits.

Quickly penetrates, disintegrates and dissolves hard scale deposit in Un- accessible passages.

Contains a synthetic polymeric corrosion inhibitor which forms a 

Protective film on parent  metal  surface preventing  metal  against
acid attak.

A powerful liquid multi- purpose descaling compound  which breaks
and dissolves hard scale including silica scale.              

It is a blend of suitable acids  ( Organic & Inorganic ),  
Corrosion inhibitor, penetrants, Surfactants & additives e.t.c.

Where it is used:

The function of a Cooling Tower is to remove heat from the cooling system water after the water has picked up heat while passing through the water-cooled condenser. The heated water from the water-cooled condenser/ heat exchanger is then broken up into droplets by circulating the water over the tower fill inside the cooling tower. The forced drought within the tower causes ambient air to pass through the water where a portion of the water is evaporated thereby reducing the temperature of the water by 7-10*F. The cooled water is then forced by the re-circulating pump back through the condenser/heat exchanger where the process is again repeated.