C-Shine is formulated with an effective blend ofadditives & penetrants to remove dirt, grease andoil accumulation on Condenser and Cooling-Coils very quickly.


C-shine Is designed for establishments thatmaintain orservice air conditioning equipments orsystems, Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial Plans,Apartment Complexes, Service Contractors air conditioning repair shopsand CarAir-con Services.


Cuts Energy Cost

By cleaning the Cooling Coil & Condenser with‘C-shine’, the thermal efficiency increases resulting in cutting down the power consumption by about20% to 30% forgetting the same cooling effect.

Prolongs Equipment Life

The equipment is cleaned from accumulatedmuck which restricts the airflow and removes otherharmful deposits on the coil without harming theequipment & thus increasing its life.


The usage of ‘C-Shine’ is economical as it has low cost.

‘C-Shine’gives desired results even when used inadiluted form.


* Dilute one part of C-Shine with 3 to 5 parts of water, depending upon the condition of the coil.

* Shut off unit.

* Hose down Condenser/Cooling Coil with water.

* Spray C-Shine with a pressure sprayer all over the Condenser and Cooling Coils.

* Wait for 3 to 5 minutes.

* Flush entire Cooling and Condenser Coil with water and allow to dry.



Type                                   :Alkaline Condenser and Cooling

Coil renovator.

pH Factor                          :12-13

Flammability                  :Non-flammable


* Donotbring close to the eyes.

* Poisonous if swallowed.

* Keep away from the reach of children…

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