CVDescaler is a highly concentrated, fast-acting de-scaler for the removal of rust, scale, corrosion, slime, magnesium deposits, hard water deposits, etc. in cooling towers, boilers, and condensers. CV-Descaler is used for descaling all Process air-conditioning, and heating systems including cooling towers, condensers, heat exchangers, etc. CV-Descaler descales most systems in 4-7 hours. CV-Descaler liquid form no messy time-consuming, remixing. CV-Descaler dissolves scale and rust quickly, reducing downtime & eliminating time-consuming scrapping.




CV-Passivator is a specially blended Passivatorand Neutralizer, absolutely safe after treatment of descaled metal parts. Descaled metal surfaces are sensitive to corrosion from the oxygen in the air and water must therefore be given an anti-corrosive finish during the cleaning process as a form of passivation. In addition, left-over descaling chemicals on the metal surfaces or inside the systems may cause corrosion, especially where mere flushing of fresh water may not remove entirely all the descaling chemicals.





CV-Algaecide is a concentrated water treatment product that inhibits and controls algae and slime formation in cooling tower systems. CV-Algaecide keeps water cooling tower systems clear and free of visible algae slime, explicitly designed for cooling towers. It works best when added once a week.





CV-Biocide is particularly helpful in controlling and reducing the growth of water bottom microbes. It works as analgaecidal, fungicidal, bactericidal, destroys legionella, sulfate-reducing bacteria destroys biofilms and also protozoa. It also prevents bio-corrosion and removes biomass.


Chemical Treatment




CV-Antiscalant is new generationantiscalants designed to provide excellent control over scale and other mineral foulants in Industrial Evaporative Cooling Water Systems. It is especially designed for treatment of high hardness waters. CV-Antiscalant incorporates a synergistic

combination of dispersants to achieve completedeposit and fouling control thereby preventing scale formation and deposition of Ca & Mg saltsofcarbonates, sulfates, phosphates and  silicates. Continuous dosage of this product in cooling water will maintain clean and scale-free heat transfer Surfaces. It also contains corrosion inhibitors to Prevent corrosion in the system.




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